The dry are always filled

A diary portion to encourage believers to step out in faith. “We went to a slum area set behind a large Chilli Exporting factory. This time Syam’s brother lent him his Nova to travel in. This is an old-style shaped car but a current model with A/C !! This slum is for the chilli factory workers. A few years ago there had been a large fire here that had killed 300 families! Now they had received permission to rebuild on the same spot , but with better buildings. When we arrived some people were already on their stretcher beds sleeping in the roadway. Their houses are thatched roof on ash block walls with earthen floors, oil lanterns, no running water, open sewers on both sides of the road.”

“This was my first time out amongst the people. Some very old men and women were on their stretcher beds…some looked obviously in pain. Pastor Sunil and Syam and I walked down a street away from the meeting venue. We could hear the sound of the church singing and giving testimony from where we were in the slum. All who spied me in the darkness stared at me. Their eyes seemed to be saying, “What is this white westerner doing out here!!???” “

“The church (about 20-30 people)were at the end of a little street, sitting on a canvas sheet made of bags that had been opened out and stitched together. Their shoes were all off to the side in a pile…so I did the same. The pulpit was facing down the street , with a bright spotlight on me and one out onto the people. One drum and 2 little ladies were singing praises from the Telugu praise book. I was motioned to sit down behind the pulpit. Off to the right I saw a man looking at me from over his fence. On the left, about 20 metres away, a family were in their hut watching the tv! To my immediate left some more houses about 10 metres away.”


“I preached from John Chapter 4…No accident that I am here to speak to you tonight just as it was no accident that Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well. I shared 2 stories to illustrate this from my own life , how God arranges divine appointments. No accident that I am here today to bring good news of sins forgiven. I called for people to come and join us if they want to choose Jesus and receive eternal life and called for the sick to come and they will be healed. About 6 came, Hindus and a Muslim man, who had need of healing. All were healed…long term headaches, chest pain and weakness. Among the church were knee pain, arm pains, headaches, thyroid problems, ..but 1 old man had diabetes and knee pain, not able to use his knee properly for years. After prayer he was able to bend it and walked easily …he got down on his knees in front of me and touched my feet to thank me…I pointed him to Jesus! “


“After healing prayer I closed with a prayer for those who wanted to ask Jesus for Living water, which I spoke of as the Holy Spirit Baptism after salvation. A mighty surge of the Spirit came as the people all spontaneously lifted their hands to heaven. The women started weeping as Jesus touched them with his power. “

It is just as Jesus said as He spoke the Word of the Father..”Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.”
There are thirsty hungry people all around us…be open and ready for the Father to open the way for you to lay hands on the sick. You are Jesus Christ to all you meet.

Author: Dennis Rhodes

Perfect in Christ

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