The President of the United States has just issued a warning that September is national preparedness month. To be prepared for disasters and emergencies. His Presidential speech is below. In it Trump notes the disasters that have been occurring, which I highlight in red. They are the same caused by these electromagnetic weapons which the UN banned years ago.

As I noted over the last month or so powerful weapons that cause Environmental disasters have been unleashed since the early 1970’s. The Committee of the United Nations Convention known as ENMOD noted that these weapons can cause “…..earthquakes; tsunamis; an upset in the ecological balance of a region; changes in weather patterns (clouds, precipitation, cyclones of various types and tornadic storms); changes in climate patterns; changes in ocean currents; changes in the state of the ozone layer; and changes in the state of the ionosphere.

Did you catch the stated ability of these weapons??


In my humble prophetic opinion these people have turned these weapons on to cause the earth to RING LIKE A BELL. They want to erupt the Yellowstone caldera. They would love to cause the undersea volcano on the Canary Islands to erupt sending a destructive tsunami to the eastern seaboard.


I wrote on the 13th August that these weapons are ON ALL THE TIME. Then posted Michael Snyder’s article showing the 144 large quakes that occurred in a short period.

All of this is to destroy the existing order of things–Government things. They will begin Martial Law in the midst of the ensuing chaos when they unleash these disasters.

DO NOT SAY IT IS GOD’S WRATH!! This is Satan’s work through evil men and women who are following their script. This is all to fulfill the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and elsewhere. They want to bring in their Christ to rule the nations with a rod of iron from Jerusalem. I am telling you that many believers will think it is Jesus Christ. In my opinion it will be a return to the Old Covenant and a forsaking of the Grace of Jesus Christ.

There are those who say Trump and his white hat friends are the good guys sent by God to usher in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. I don’t believe that. Trump is on the same team as the black hats. They both work together–White Hats and Black Hats–Right and Wrong–Left and Right—It is the Hegelian Dialectic used to move us all along to their desired preplanned goal. Both sides seek to control and dominate us all. Jesus is the tree of Life NOT the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil–right and wrong, left and right, white and black.

National Preparedness Month is a time to focus our attention on the importance of preparing our families, homes, businesses, and communities for disasters that threaten our lives, property, and homeland. During this time, we also honor the brave men and women who selflessly respond to crises and disasters, rendering aid to those in need. These first responders, who work tirelessly to safeguard our Nation and protect our citizens, deserve our utmost gratitude and appreciation.

Over the past year, communities nationwide and across the Territories have witnessed and endured damage from multiple hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters.The historic hurricane season of 2017 included three catastrophic storms that made landfall within a month, and was followed by a destructive series of wildfires in California. Combined, these natural disasters affected 47 million people and tens of thousands were mobilized to provide aid, comfort, and assistance. We are also especially mindful of those currently affected by ongoing wildfires in California, Oregon, and Colorado. In spite of tremendous challenges, the resilience of the American people continues to prevail.

Tragedies are somber reminders that preparedness is a shared responsibility and that it is critical to maintain readiness. All Americans can prepare for potential disasters by developing and practicing a family emergency response plan, assembling a disaster supply kit, signing up for alerts on mobile devices, setting aside emergency savings, and maintaining adequate insurance policies for their homes and businesses. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Ready Campaign outlines other important steps to best prepare for a major disaster.

This month, I encourage all Americans to take the opportunity to ensure they have an emergency response plan in place and ready to be properly executed. Emergencies and disasters test the resilience and strength of families, communities, and our Nation. It is impossible to avoid every challenge and threat, but we can and must prepare for them. By doing so, we can help protect our communities and save lives.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim September 2018 as National Preparedness Month. I encourage all Americans, including Federal, State, and local officials, to take action to be prepared for disaster or emergency by making and practicing their emergency response plans.Each step we take to become better prepared makes a real difference in how our families and communities will respond and persevere when faced with the unexpected.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of August, in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-third.


WE WERE WARNED reads the caption of the doomsday movie 2012

So it is definitely time to lift up your heads and not be caught looking at the earthly.

In the movie 2012 the story line focuses on Climate Change and global warming having been caused by Mankind which ends in huge storms and tidal waves from massive earthquakes.

The whole climate change/global warming storyline is bogus science. There are tens of thousands of scientists who say so but because they know the truth they are not funded or reported on by the controlled media who are nothing other than propaganda outlets for the Governments.

But because these Environmental modification techniques are being used to cause earthquakes and storms etc they cover their tracks by blaming all of us for burning the toast and cows passing wind in the paddock–too much carbon released they say. Absolute rubbish. They then use pictures of factory chimneys with lots of white smoke which is really just STEAM doing no harm. Wake up people!

All these things that they are doing –destroying the earth–they do to bring the world at large to the place of panic so that they can impose Martial Law on the streets, dissolve the democratic process and enslave us all. People will beg the Government to do something.