One evening on Pentecost


The Holy Spirit spoke to me about preaching on the street in front of the Christian bookstore in Guntur. He wanted to bless the owner, Sathakat. So we got there at 7pm. I stepped out in faith. He said to me ,

‘ If you want the greater anointing you have to step out into a place where you need it.’

I stepped into the gap between the shop and the main street with traffic and people going by and began to proclaim Jesus as Lord and Healer in a loud voice. People walking by looked , people stopped and stared all around as I preached with my big blue Bible in hand , in a language and accent most could not understand. Apparently the traffic policeman(well known to Syam) was keeping a close eye on me and listening. I was worried about this issue of the law because I came to India on a tourist visa and did not want to be deported!

After a few minutes of preaching like this I was tapped on the shoulder and turned to see a small gathering behind me of young men listening. I continued preaching Jesus to them, His death making it possible for those who believe to receive forgiveness, righteousness and physical healing. I challenged any who were sick to believe and I would heal them in Jesus Name.

I challenged them to accept Jesus if they had not done so before. They all wanted prayer!! One man about 20 years old named John told me that he wanted to be an evangelist but he said he does not have the power of the Spirit. I said to him,

“Do you know that today is the Feast of Pentecost in Israel?”

He did not know but his eyes widened at the thought…then I prayed that the Lord Jesus would baptise him with the Spirit. The power of God fell upon him there on the side of the busy road…I had to hold him up as he was going to fall over! Then he began speaking in a language he never learned and was so happy and thankful to Jesus.

Another young boy of 16 who sleeps rough on the street gave his heart to Jesus for the first time. His clothes stunk as I prayed with him to receive Christ. The Lord had told me to take some cash with me for someone. I put it into the boy’s top pocket after he accepted Jesus, he beamed a big smile. I introduced him to Sathakat as his new friend and pastor. Apparently the boy has been back regularly to see Sathakat since that night. Other people there were healed and some more brothers were filled with the Holy Spirit after seeing John speaking in tongues like in the Book of Acts. It was a great victory that night on the main street of the city.

After this we went on to the village and I preached again. This time we were gathered next to the church building a metre from main highway leading to Chennai 420km away. As we pulled up in the Jeep, a father was fanning his child who was lying on a stretcher bed out in the open trying to sleep. Then the man hurried off out of view and came back with some wool. He put this on the fire he had just lit next to the bed so that the smoke wafted over the child. This was a mosquito repellant Syam said. These people build their squatters huts near to the place that they work.

We had some trouble with the sound equipment at this meeting but eventually it all worked. People were walking past us, stopping and looking and walking on. People were over the road looking on as well. I preached on Mephibosheth in 2 Sam 9. The church were all blessed as I spoke of the Lord looking for someone He could show covenant kindness to…are you that person?

I challenged their hearts to receive His kindness. Many folk were healed. 2 old women with severe scoliosis of the spine were healed and stood upright before everyones amazed eyes, it was wonderful! Many with pain and headache were healed. Chest pain and knee pain were healed in many.

One man came 75 km to the meeting and gave his life to Jesus. He had heard by word of mouth about the meeting and came with a friend on a bike. He fell down at my feet in repentance and tears. The Lord also filled him with the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues!

His friend though, wanted God to do some miracle before he would believe…considering what He had already been doing this night, the guy was hardened. I layed hands on him and prayed that the Lord would show him his need of a saviour.

One man was healed of a headache he had had for 4 years!

I also preached to them about not having idols in your house if you are a Christian as it will ensnare you and allow demons to attack your life. I said, even the pictures of Jesus with the sacred heart are idols, as the word says to not make any image of him. These sacred heart Jesus pictures also carry a good luck line on the bottom saying that the house in which the picture hangs is blessed…meaning that the picture has some sort of power to give….I explained that the power is demonic and not God’s power, that God hates idols as they compete with Him for the hearts of His people.

Some ladies started arguing animatedly with my translator about what I had taught. I basically said, ‘take it seriously..I have warned you now, the choice is yours, God will not force you to worship only Him.’

Later the translator said it was very prophetic in nature what I had said to them about these things. He said none of the pastors will dare talk about it so strongly as I did..haha..praise God.

Author: Dennis Rhodes

Perfect in Christ

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