Heal the sick in the land of many gods

More from my diary as we preached the Gospel in India. May it encourage you!
Another village night meeting 15 km outside of Guntur. We sort of got lost. It was very dark on the highway and the head-lights are pretty useless in the Jeep. Syam could not quite remember where the turn off was, so we went past it a few times and eventually found it.

We stopped twice to ask different people directions to the turn off.

We passed a 40 mt high statue of the monkey god Hanuman and various other temples and shrines to the elephant head god Ganesh.

People were everywhere lying on stretcher beds in the street trying to escape the heat in their huts. People out walking, riding bikes, motorbikes, scooters, tractors, carts pulled by oxen, chaos, potholes, no moon up, no white lines and extreme heat and dust…FUN!!

Once on the dirt track we were driving along on a skinny raised up mound between lakes of water! I found out that this water is good for drinking but they first pass it through a sediment filter…cotton sheets…The underground water below it, is too salty to drink.

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When we arrived along the levee-bank road the people were gathered behind a banner all sitting on the canvas groundsheet singing songs of praise in Telugu. By now it was 9 pm. As they continued singing the Pastor took Syam and I off to his hut for a mango and some tea.

In the pastor’s small 4m x 4m one room house they had a single bed and a stainless steel fridge and an evaporative air cooler and ceiling fan…this all seemed strange to me in such a poorly built building. After sitting there for 15 minutes(it was hotter in here than outside) they took us back to the congregation. I have been battling this sort of dumb honour thing with Syam and his food.Eat, eat, eat…trouble is I am not hungry!

this elderly woman had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. The Lord touched her in a mighty way.

A lot of the Hindu local people were settling down in their beds for the night by now as I began to preach through the loud speaker system. I preached “God is busy looking for the lost.” At the end I prayed for nearly every person.

The Lord wanted me to ask specifically for those who had long term illnesses or diseases. A girl of about 10 years of age had a tumour in her rib area.. was instantly healed…now without any pain, though she prodded the area that just before was extremely painful!! A lady was told she has low blood levels(luekemia) received healing prayer and another with a paralysed right arm was healed.

Many with leg pains, knee pain were healed so that they could now bend their knees without any pain. One lady had had a headache for 20 years!! was instantly free through the name of Jesus and His marvelous power. Some with chest pain were healed and quite a few with gastric problems came forward. One lady who had an accident and lost 4 fingers on her left hand came forward. I prayed for new fingers to come forth and grow and her leg wound which would not heal to be healed. She later came back with a small bottle of anointing oil wanting me to pray for her eye sight as well.

All glory to Jesus for what He did this night!!

Also a  family received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and all spoke in tongues…a pastor came forward and testified of speaking in tongues for the first time at the pastors conference I preached at a few days ago.

Many more were healed. They all beamed joyously knowing that Jesus loved them and sent someone to lift them from suffering..Hallelujah!! We arrived home at midnight! I then ate hot chilli beef and chicken with rice and a bowl of fresh mango!!

Author: Dennis Rhodes

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