Earthquake nearby was 5.3

I was sitting in my home today and began to feel and or hear a low rumbling which grew stronger and louder like a train going past on tracks….only we do not have trains here. My wife was asleep from her nightshift at the Hospital, our dog was outside barking. I did not realise it was an earthquake! Only later when my son asked if I felt the earthquake did I realise what it was.

The epicentre of the 5.3 quake was about 50km to the east of us. Western Australia has not had a quake of that strength in decades!! The Guardian reported the following

A Geoscience Australia senior seismologist, Phil Cummins, said West Australians might feel aftershocks from the 5.6 magnitude earthquake for days.

Cummins said he expected aftershocks “of decreasing magnitude and size” to continue for some time.

While residents in Perth have reported feeling the earthquake more than 400km away, Cummins did not expect noticeable aftershocks there. But residents in Walpole, nearer to the quake, may feel aftershocks for days.

He said those in the immediate vicinity of the quake could even feel the aftershocks for weeks.

“It is quite a rare event and especially to have it occurred in this place,” Cummins said. “On the south coast, earthquakes are more rare.”

The agency had no previous recorded earthquake above 5.0 magnitude in the immediate area of Sunday’s event, Cummins said.

“It has occurred because of the build-up of the stress in the Australian crust [in the tectonic plates],” he said. “Strong forces get transmitted across the Australian point and when it exceeds … there’s an earthquake.”




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