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The domain name “Jesus saves all” is the glorious truth and purpose of the Father’ heart. In 2011 on my 50th birthday I had my own Jubilee in that God set me free from the dark shadow of the Hellish doctrine of eternal punishment.

There are many tares sewn in the collective mind of the Church of Jesus, Tares that He said will be bundles together at the end of the Age to be burned. Over the years He has set me free from some of these Tares and the result has always been greater liberty and love for others. I believe that His word is a fire and that fire is to burn out of the hearts and minds of God’s people every  tare which has been sewn there by the enemy.

I am not interested in unity for the sake of unity. I do not fear what men say of me.

I fully believe what Zechariah prophesied, it is who I am in God, even as John was so am I.

Luk 1:74  That he would grant unto us, that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear
Luk 1:75  In holiness and righteousness before him, all the days of our life. 

Notice what Zechariah said? Serve God without fear!? The Weymouth translation says

Luk 1:74  To grant us to be rescued from the power of our foes And so render worship to Him free from fear
Luk 1:75  In piety and uprightness before Him all our days. 

I have often said that most churches would be empty if it were not for the FEAR OF HELL message behind almost everything that is done. Most do not realise that they have this dark shadow of Hell lurking like a blockage to love in their lives. It is not until God reveals it to you that you can see just how all pervasive and powerful the FEAR OF HELL has been in your life. Every cult in the world from time past and today uses some kind of motivation to get its members DOING for the group. Either they use a positive carrot at the end of the rainbow type of reward….or they threaten with the negative scary stuff if you fail to measure up.

Christianity has both!

You may not like what I write…but Going to heaven or going to Hell is NOT THE GOSPEL MESSAGE nor is it the hope of the Gospel that the Apostles held firm. The Resurrection of the dead and the receiving of the immortal body is the great hope of the Church so that we will rule and reign with Jesus in the heavens and the earth.

So as you can see, I go after sacred cows…..in fact I love to kill such beasts…moohahah! So watch out!

About the author

Hi, my name is Dennis Rhodes, friends call me Den…enemies call me what they want. But if I have any enemies it is only on their side.

I am married to a wonderful person and together we have 3 almost grown up children.

I was also married before I became a believer and have an adult daughter from that relationship.

God drew me to accept Jesus Christ through the breakdown of that first marriage when all that was happening in my life was out of my control.

As a new believer I eventually started to attend meetings at the Christian Outreach Centre in Perth – a Pentecostal domination.

But before even going anywhere I had demon spirits cast out of me and then received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at a friends house in Perth.

I was working as a Fisheries Inspector at the time and began to witness about the loving Saviour Jesus to all I met.

I would go into the Hay street Mall in Perth and preach on Friday nights and to James Street on Saturdays.

Because of my Fisheries job I was assigned to a Patrol Boat so moved about from Fremantle to Carnarvon. I was at home on boats as I had previously worked on Prawn trawlers in Shark Bay for a number if years.

I surfed all up and down this amazing WA coastline and on the various islands off the coast.

I am originally from Sorrento in Victoria where my ancestors were all fisherman who had arrived there in the 1840’s from Banff, Scotland.

As a Christian God spoke clearly to me 3 months after coming to Jesus that He had called me to preach good news to the poor, the acceptable year of the Lord. Is a 61.

A year later three different people who I had never met and who were all unknown to each other gave me the same Scripture — Jeremiah 1:5

Since that time I have mostly been under the heavy chastening hand of my Father. A few times He allowed me to go out to the nations to preach but mostly I am restricted and Hidden in Him.

In 2003 we left the COC church which was the fulfillment of a dream I had had in 1998 after returning from Israel.

In 2010 we left the Foursquare church in obedience to the Holy Spirit and are still outside the camp to this day.

Yet I know Jesus and I know the Father.

I work as a truck driver 12 days on 2 off so time is limited.

This blog is the way I preach these days, like letters from a prisoner of the Lord. Hahaha…

Jesus is my Lord and Saviour!


Grace be with your spirit.


I am a lawful citizen of heaven